Rolf's rants.

For if you really don't have anything better to do in your life.

Nederlandse site:

Yeah why are you really here?

You'd say people have something to do in their life, but no. they go to my website.

Not that i mind, but i think it's a waste, like giving a little kid a hamburger menu.

Please don't read my apps, but when you do, please don't use your phone.

Making websites seems hard, but it's even harder to make mobile compatible ones.

It works, but not great.

But yeah besides that there's my snapchat because sometimes i port rants on the go

But don't expect too much of me because i'm horrible at holding streak. So sorry in advance or something.

What is it? Are you looking for my rants? Well how about you look in the navgation bar in the black box. Has been there the whole time already.