shit idea

Shit idea

How my life is going to be wasted in style.

How a stupid idea is going to change my life.

23 Januari, 2019.

Rolf is in his natural form. Getting annoyed about all the little things in life.

He came back from a try out for a study and feels fucked by this company

As usual, Rolf opens snapchat to pretend he has friends to feel a bit better about himself

He knows he kind of is good at making rants, so he started doing what he can do best. moving his frosty fingers over his phone

After he explained all his problems he waited patiently.

He just missed his bus, so he had all the time anyway.

Hoping to get feedback, Rolf refreshed every 5 seconds, till finally, it happened!

Rolf got an reaction:

"Stfu dude stop with spam"

But when Rolf waited for the following bus to get into to migrate to the northpole, he got more feedback.

Those were a bit more positive, which brought him on a idea?

How ironic would it be, to create a website that is based around my rants? (Thanks Jill for the idea, now mine.)

So there Rolf began, at his quest to make people sigh, and to make moderate rants.

Have fun reading my web-page. Please no clapping during the rants. We work with live swines, so please disable your flash. Thank you.